L'association pour le développement des langues sur le littoral dunkerquois " has 3 main goals
-To inform people of the local opportunities to learn foreign languages.
-To develop language teaching.
-To develop cross-cultural dialogues.
Who is concerned ?
Anyone, whether private individuals or teachers.
Associations and institutions involved in the business of teaching any foreign languages.
Local authorities and companies involved in international matters.
Our achievements:
1° objective : to inform people of the local opportunities to learn foreign languages.:
- 2 annual language fairs, in March  2005 and  2006, with local associations and institutions, local booksstores, and national publishers. (1,200 visitors on 4 March 2006).
- The brochure " les langues vivantes sur le littoral dunkerquois " giving all information on local associations and institutions dealing with teaching foreign languages.
 2° objective : To develop language teaching.:
 -A partnership with the university of Littoral Côte d'Opale enabling people to attend courses.
- We help to create associations to meet demand.
- We have launched a café-langues at the Atelier 12 every Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm (partnership with the association Cité'Fac).
 3° objective : to develop cross-cultural dialogues :
-We have created a data base of natives from foreign countries and people able to speak a foreign language fluently.
Our role in the area :
- We have partnerships with several institutions, mainly with local authorities and the local Chamber of commerce.
Information :
-A newsletter enables the members of the association to be informed of local international events.
-A web site enables anyone to be informed of our goals and achievements.